Sale Codes
0 Invalidated Sale 1 Valid Sale 2 Sale to or From A Government 3 Sale to or From A Charity 4 Financial Institution is The Buyer 5 Related Parties
6 Sale of Convince 7 Sale Settling an Estate 8 Forced Sale, Seller is Sheriff 9 Sale of Doubtful Title 10 Sale Involving A Trade 11 Sale of Partial Interest
12 Sale Involving Land Contract 13 Significant Improvement After 14 Assemblege Sale 15 Sale of Multiple Property as One sale 16 Sale Involving Personal Property 17 Sale Involving Non Market Financing
18 Future Dwellings /Sale Included 19 Sale Includes Mobile Home 20 Land Priced As Agriculture 21 Sale Impacted By Divorce 22 Sale Amount Insufficient 23 Property Not Listed for Sale
24 Relocation/Buy Back 25 Primary Parcel of A Group of Property 26 Addl. Parcels That Are Linked to Sale 27 Valid Land Sale Now With Building 28 Other 30 Remove From Valuation