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Arkansas Income and Sales Taxes
Arkansas State Individual Income Taxes
     The tax rate on adjusted gross income is 7 percent. Those choosing not to itemize deductions .
     are allowed a $2,000 standard deduction, $4,000 for married couples. A tax credit of $23 per 
    dependent is allowed. There are also provisions for those with low incomes
State Sales and Use Tax
    The state rate is 6%
     The gross receipts derived from the sale of food and food ingredients are taxed at a state sales 
     rate of three percent (3%). Prepared foods remain at 6%.
Local Sales Tax
Most counties and municipalities in Arkansas have initiated a local sales tax.  
For Faulkner County
Faulkner County 0.50 %
Conway 1.75
Greenbrier 2.00
Vilonia 2.00
     There is a limit on the local sales tax to the first $2500 on a single purchase such as automobile 
     purchases. There is not a provision for a lower local tax rate on food of food ingredients.
Advertising and Promotion Tax
Conway has an additional 2% tax on hotel rooms and prepared food sales.
Summary of local and state sales taxes
Within Faulkner county and outside of municipalities with a local tax 6.5%
City of Conway 8.25% and 10.25% on prepared foods and hotel rooms.
City of Greenbrier 8.50%
City of Vilonia 8.5%