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Property Tax Rates in Faulkner County by 
Location and School District*
School District  Name Millage
17C Vilonia City 49.10
17R Vilonia Rural 47.50
1C Conway City 47.60
1R Conway Rural 44.50
1R/78C Conway Rural/Mayflower City 48.50
IR/8C Conway Rural Holland 44.50
21C Qiutman City 46.10
21R Quitman Rural 42.20
2C Southside City 52.00
2R Southside Rural 49.00
2R/34C Southside/Guy City 51.20
2R/5C Twin Groves/South Side 53.40
34C Guy City 51.50
34R Guy Rural 49.30
34R/21C Guy Rural Qutiman City 53.20
34R/5C Twin Groves/Guy 53.70
35W Rosbud Rural 48.55
41C Mt Vernon City 48.00
41R Mt Vernon/Enola 45.70
41R/46C Enola City 47.20
41R/8C Mt. Vernon Rural/Holland 45.70
47C Greenbrier City 48.78
47R Greenbrier Rural 46.78
47R/1C Greenbrier/Conway 49.88
47R/5C Greenbrier Rural/Holland 46.78
47WC Wooster City 49.00
77PUL Pulaski County Rural 49.00
78C Mayflower City 52.80
78R Mayflower Rural 48.80
* Includes all mandatory taxes for city, county and school district 
Taxes are based on assessed value which is 20% of the market value.
Amendment 79 to the Arkansas Constitution provides for:
     Homestead exemption  of $300 credit on the taxed
     amount for a principal place of residence
     Assessments can not be raised more than 5% on principal place of 
     residence, other property is limited to 10% on non-homestead 
     residential property in one year
     Assessed value becomes fixed for a principal place of residence
     when the owner becomes 65 or disabled.
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